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The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Online Community From Scratch

All your doubts, fears and questions about building an online community, answered in one place and dipped in humour, love and a dash of empathy ninja weirdo.

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You’ve got questions right?

Well my little honey badger, I’ve got answers, and I’m spilling the community beans throughout my ultimate guide.

Questions like . . .

1. What kind of community is right for my business?
(If any community at all! *gasp!*)

There are several kinds of communities but I’ll show you how to get the best ROI on your course bonus communities and paid memberships AND when you should just say NO and walk away.

2. When is the right time to build a community?

Learn if an online community is the best strategy for you and your business right now. If it isn’t, you’ll discover what you should be investing your time in BEFORE you say “I do” to your community beloved.

3. How to avoid crickets or a runaway train of "engagement" when you DO pull the trigger.

You’ll learn exactly what you need to do and the #1 mistake that entrepreneurs make so you can avoid those two extremes like grown men at a Justin Bieber concert.

Strategic communities: A sanity saving approach that focuses on strategy and ROI, not engagement for the sake of engagement and tactics that leave you ignoring your family (cause one of the selling points of your business was to actually spend more time with them).